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Web Hosting with email

Web One Hosting include email accounts as part of every web hosting package.

Email is electronic mail which can be sent over the internet. Your email address is just like a postal address that identifies you and anyone can use it to address email to you. Depending on how you set your email up, you may access any new mail through either a web browser or a PC based program such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

cPanel Web Hosting with Web One Hosting - Reliable UK Web Host with the Best cPanel Web HostingWeb One Hosting provide email that can be accessed by both a web browser or a PC based program. It uses standard access methods such as POP3 and IMAP which means it is compatible with just about any PC based program, including Outlook, but means it can also be setup easily to syncronise with mobile devices such as iPhones or Android powered devices.

Having your email service hosted along with your website at Web One Hosting means that your email addresses can be connected to your business or organisations domain name and, depending on the packge you opt for, you could have an unlimited number of email accounts. They are very easy to setup via web hosting control panel.

Web One Hosting provide web hosting with email packages ensure you get everything you need in one easy package solution. Theres no need to purchase web hosting and email seperately as you can get them all in one place.

Our web hosting feature high reliability, fast web hosting for your website including email accounts.

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