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Elgg is a robust social networking platform that can allow schools, colleges or universities to develop their own social network allowing interaction and/or collaboration.

Elgg Web Hosting at Web One HostingThe flexibility of Elgg is one of its key features as it can provide a platform for running a social network for your school, college or university and in 2008 won an award for the best social networking platform by InfoWorld.

As a collaborative tool, it can be a way for schools, colleges and universities to provide a way for students and/or staff to collaborate and manage projects.

One of the other benefits of using Elgg is that its Open Source which means there is no license fee and its a free-to-use platform. Many developers contribute to its development so as a user of Elgg you benefit from what is a continually ongoing project with constant improvements, new features and refinements.

Web One Hosting provide Elgg as a one click install on any web hosting package. We will even install it for you if you wish so that its ready to go.

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Standard Elgg web hosting is comparable to our Starter hosting package. If you anticipate high usage then please contact us for advice.

*Please note that our 'ready installed Elgg website' is the current standard install version of Elgg and will come with the default website templates included in the standard version. We do not provide web design services so if you require a different look for your Elgg site, you will need to either obtain a different Elgg theme or employ the services of a web designer. We regret that although we provide web hosting suitable for Elgg, our support services are limited to web hosting queries only and we do not provide technical support specifically for Elgg. There are many free forums and discussion groups for Elgg should you require assistance.